"Say, Larry, is that a roll of dimes in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?"

Faith is a receptionist to the Lost Wages Casino penthouse.


Faith is an alumni of the Eta Omicron Zeta sorority at Walnut Log Community College back in 1986-87.

Her job is stay in the counter and control access to the penthouse.

She has a boyfriend and is not positive to advances of other men. When Larry asked her sign, she replied "EXIT, use it". Larry gave her a bottle of Spanish Fly pills in order to turn her on, but instead she ran to find her boyfriend.

Faith has blue eyes and dark hair.

VGA universeEdit

Faith (LSL1VGA)

Reloaded UniverseEdit

Faith (Reloaded)

Behind the scenesEdit

Faith appears in the Strong Bad email "sisters."

In Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded, she is voiced by Gillian Brashear.