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Fawn is a woman appearing in Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards and its VGA remake. She resides at the Lost Wages Disco. She dances with Larry after receiving a diamond ring, a rose, and a box of candy from him.


Fawn was a former member of the sorority Eta Omicron Zeta at Walnut Log Community College back in 1986-1987.

Fawn is noted in LSL1EGA for being a knock-out! She has bright blue eyes, and a dazzling smile. She's sensational!!

VGA universeEdit

Fawn (LSL1VGA)

Reloaded UniverseEdit

Fawn Foreschwanger

Behind the scenesEdit

Fawn appears in the Strong Bad email "sisters."

After the "honeymoon" is over, Fawn steps out of the room and out of Larry's life without divorcing him, so technically they may still be married. There were no times to divorce or have an annulment between LSL1 and the end of LSL2.