She is the niece of the antagonist of the game. Early in the game she looks shy and intellectual. It is the second girl who must conquer.
But the shy Ione asks Larry to use dildo. In the darkness, they begin to have sex, but Ione discovers that Larry actually had put the dildo to her teddy bear. After this we find us in a gay bar, and discovered that she has become a lesbian.


Note: Ione is a character who can be shown completely naked in the game in certain versions. This wiki is not allowed to show full nudity.

Behind the scenesEdit

Ione like Kalalau in the original Larry Laffer series is another example of the stereotype trope of female turning lesbian due to encounter with terrible situation and nightmare fuel induced by the actions of a man.

In this trope a heterosexual switches to a lesbian sexuality as if its something 'easily' changeable or at least changeable due to traumatic experience.

Ione counts as two different girls in the game. Ione and Lesbian Ione.