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0 You're getting off to a slow start, Larry. Perhaps you should dig out the documentation that came with this game and read through the Walk-Thru in your copy of "Nontoonyt Tonite." 1 (This is merely a friendly suggestion from your designer and programmer, Al Lowe.) 2 It has been %d minute%s since you saved your game! 3 Oh, yeah? Well, "%s" this! 4 You may know the word "%s" but it's beyond Al Lowe's vocabulary! 5 Oh, yeah? Well, I've got your "%s" right here! 6 You don't need to type the word "%s" to complete this game! 7 Don't you ever say the word "%s" again! 8 That doesn't appear to be a proper sentence. 9 What in the hell are you talking about? 10 That's probably something you could do, but this game won't! 11 The hell you say! 12 You're too smart for this game! 13 Congratulations! You have dumbfounded this game! 14 Hi, Al! 15 "Goodbye." 16 There's nothing here suitable for sharpening your knife. 17 This is not the correct place to do that. 18 That's not a good idea, Larry. Patti wanted that wine! 19 The bottle is already empty. 20 Empty Bottle 21 Ok. It's empty now. 22 You have nothing with which to cut anything. 23 Your knife is too dull to cut anything. 24 What do you want to cut? 25 This grass isn't really suitable. Keep looking. 26 No; find something else to carve. 27 You have nothing to carve. 28 You've already done the best you can. 29 You have no flowers with which to make a lei. 30 You've already made a lei from the orchids. 31 An interesting thought -- but how? 32 Right now, they're just a beautiful bunch of orchids. 33 You're close, but you are not the person for whom they are intended. 34 You have no grass. 35 You've already made a skirt from the grass. 36 Please! Not here. 37 Be more specific. Say what you want to wear. 38 It would be difficult to wear a clump of grass. 39 A good idea, but you're far too modest to change clothes here. 40 A nice shower WOULD feel good! 41 That's may do something somewhere but not here! 42 Well, well. Look at this. Somehow Suzi Cheatem's Fat City Membership Card got mixed up in these papers. What a sleuth you are! 43 What do you want to count? 44 You quickly count to %d. Such fun, eh? 45 How can you count that? 46 You're busted! 47 You have %d dollars. 48 You have no money. 49 "How about a few of these ones?" you ask. 50 (Evidently no one is interested.) 51 "Hey! Can I give you a tip?" you say. 52 "Guess not," you think. 53 "I've got twenty bucks on me," you announce. "Anybody interested?" 54 There is no response. 55 A good idea, but you can't change here! 56 What did you want to put inside your bra? 57 You can't do that here; at least, not now. 58 Ok. You put it in. It fits. You remove it. 59 (Pretty much fun, eh?) 60 Hey! We want our R rating for sex, not violence! 61 What do you want to inspect? 62 You see nothing special. 63 The orchids look perfectly safe. 64 The bottle is empty. Not even a note! 65 The water is still inside the bottle. 66 The bottle is full of wine. 67 "100% Pure Silk" 68 "Extra Sheer" 69 "36C" 70 You look pretty good, if you do think so yourself! 71 You can not open the coconuts. 72 "Hi." 73 "You're welcome." 74 "Knock, knock." 75 (Nobody wants to play that game, %s!) 76 Patti! 77 (Really!) 78 A warm feeling spreads down your leg. 79 Climbing the walls already? 80 You'd better not. You might rip your dress. 81 That would be unbecoming a man of leisure. 82 Talking to yourself again, Larry? 83 You really miss him, don't you, Patti? 84 You are so glad you two are back together! 85 Whee! 86 "FEELINGS! NOTHING MORE THAN FEELINGS!!" 87 Isn't that what you are doing? 88 If you pick it, it won't heal! 89 "HELP!" 90 That's against the law! 91 Who would loan you anything? 92 Ok, you win.� 93 (Game over.) 94 What do you want to wear? 95 You'd look better if you didn't! 96 You can't wear what is not yours. 97 What do you want to drop? 98 Nah. Better not! 99 It's not yours to drop. 100 What do you want to throw? 101 Nah. You might need it later! 102 That doesn't belong to you. 103 Sniff, sniff. 104 You should have showered after that workout! 105 You should have used soap during your shower! 106 Your deodorant has failed! 107 You whistle a happy tune. 108 "Is there any chance I could get a job around here?" you say. 109 (There is no response.) 110 Forget about that creep, Patti! 111 "Ha, ha!" 112 Once you tasted it, you wouldn't want it! 113 There's no time! 114 Stop your whining! 115 How would you help? 116 Searching through your clothes you find... 117 You find nothing. 118 "Same to you, buddy!" 119 Yeah, you probably would, too! 120 Aren't your palms hairy enough? 121 Obviously, restraint is no problem for you, %s. 122 That comes later. 123 You see something special. 124 Nobody's THAT thirsty! 125 It's not that easy! 126 It's in the box your disks came in. Have you read it? 127 If you are very quiet, you can hear your keyboard click. 128 Wouldn't you rather just remain friends? 129 Tsk, tsk. 130 That's probably where you'll end up! 131 You look pretty good, if you do say so yourself! 132 You look great, no matter what you wear! 133 You're too cool! 134 Your toes are so ugly! 135 Your feet should hurt, what with all this walking! 136 You see many leaves. 137 Where? 138 Staring at the walls already? 139 It just lies there, under your feet. 140 It's still up there! 141 Hey! That's Larry's line! 142 You really love this, don't you! 143 Tight butts drive you nuts! 144 Has it been 30 seconds already? 145 This game does not encourage voyeurism! 146 It's just as it appears. 147 It doesn't look interesting. 148 There's nothing worth buying here. 149 You're broke! 150 What do you want to use? 151 There's no need to use it here. 152 To whom? 153 What do you want to give? 154 It's not yours to give. 155 You have no reason to do that. 156 You get down from a duck, but not here! 157 You already are "up for the game!" 158 What do you want to take? 159 You already have it. 160 There is no wood here that strikes your fancy. 161 It's of no use. 162 You don't need it. 163 There's no reason to take it. 164 You can't do that now. 165 "Hello," you say. 166 Ok, but I don't usually do that! 167 She doesn't seem interested in that! 168 Score: %d of 4000 %7s %s 169 170 O.K. 171 It is. 172 You are. 173 Good idea. You might try that again later. 174 You're not close enough. 175 You already took it. 176 You don't have it.


0 %d/%d 1 Debug will%spop up on next newRoom. 2 You are currently enjoying room %d. 3 Larry 4 Patti 5 d:%2d 6 ;[r%3d 7 (ego view %d loop %d cel %d x %d y %d setPri %d) 8 What room was that supposed to be? 9 You don't have it, Al. 10 It's outta here, Al. 11 You already have it, Al. 12 You got it, Al.


0 %s was state %d; is now state %d.


0 Note%s.%s 1 ;[%3d %s %6s %3s %3d %2d %3d %3d/%3d] 2 You are currently enthusiastically enjoying room %d. 3 What room was that supposed to be?


0 0 1 How will you ever use this credit card when everyone on the island knows you personally and also knows you have current assets of zip-ola?! 2 This knife would be perfect for slicing your ginsu if it weren't so dull. (What the hell is a ginsu, anyway?) 3 Your granadilla is hard and black. 4 The indigenous island grasses have long, thin blades perfectly suited to weaving. 5 All your life you wanted one of these! 6 She never saw you coming! Twenty dollars is not much money, but it may be all you need. 7 "Whereas & whereas & whereas... Therein, hereby, corpus delicti, wherefore... Grant to the bearer by the tribes of Nontoonyt Island 640 acres of rare virgin forestland." 8 Wet people enjoy rubbing these all over their naked bodies! 9 "Fat City� Member in Good Standing Insert and wait for click." 10 Free at last! 11 These appear to be epiphytic members of the family Orchidaceae. 12 You hope this key will open more than just her elevator! (Heh, heh, heh.) 13 "Imported from Fresno County Limited Edition 1,243,153 of only 3,231,679 bottles" 14 "Saturday Night Special" 15 "Super Stretch Super Support" 16 "Frederick's of Coarsegold" 17 Didn't you write off this dress as a business expense? 18 "Every girl needs a little magic in her life sometimes." 19 At last, you have a pair of nuts! 20 Patti! Shame on you! Don't you know marijuana's illegal? What do you plan to do with this stuff? 21 Be careful not to cut yourself; this knife is now razor sharp! 22 You've always been a true admirer of the African primitive school of sculpture. 23 Now if you can just find a luau somewhere to show off this new little number! 24 500 one-dollar bills isn't so bad for your first try at exotic dancing! 25 "Feed the Kitty!" 26 Everybody doesn't like something, but nobody doesn't like a good lei! 27 Aren't you the clever one! But now that you have a rope long enough to reach across that canyon, whatever will you do with it? 28 Exactly why are you carrying around an empty bottle? 29 There's nothing like a bottle of nice dry Nontoonyt. 30 This is the key to your penthouse. 31 It may have been expensive when you bought it, but it's depreciating rapidly! 32 You're all ready to enter the wet T-shirt contest! 33 You hope this is the end of the game as you are running out of dress! 34 This might pass for a native handicraft.


0 See your local software dealer or dial (800) 326-6654 from 8-5 Pacific Time. Have your credit card handy. 1 Remember: save early, save often!


0 %s 1 Well, %s, are you now fully convinced that gravity really sucks? 2 You really FELL for that one...


0 You weave the wild orchids into a beautiful lei. 1 A Quick Lei 2 (Welcome to the islands, Meester Laffer!) 3 (Welcome BACK to the islands, Meester Laffer!)


0 You use your razor sharp ginsu knife to carefully carve the precious granadilla wood into what you hope will be accepted as a primitive island native sculpture. 1 Erotic Sculpture






















Quiz starts

















Quiz ends


0 The binoculars are here for the enjoyment of all. Please respect the wishes of "Natives, Inc." and allow them to remain. 1 You won't find Larry by using these binoculars. 2 These binoculars are broken. 3 One look at that is all your heart can take! 4 Two pairs of free binoculars are mounted on posts near the fence. 5 The plaque is securely screwed. 6 (And so are you if you want to take it!) 7 From high up here on Vista Point, you are almost above the smell of the city. 8 From here, you can see Kalalau's extensive land holdings high in that mountain valley across the island. 9 The fence is there to prevent clumsy people from falling over the edge and ruining the barbecues of the villagers below. 10 This mesa has extremely steep cliffs on three sides. 11 The polluted lagoon stretches off into the distance like a bag of cold fast-food fries. 12 The city below you stretches from the edge of the lagoon almost up to your current vantage point. The large resort hotels stretch before you like billboards on the highway of the damned. 13 (Oops, sorry. That should have been "highway of the darned!" You're playing "clean mode," aren't you?) 14 Vista Point has a well-manicured, bluegrass lawn with a bronze plaque. 15 Where? 16 From here, on the lovely Vista Point, high up the slopes of Nontoonyt Volcano, the City lies spread below your feet like the floor of a movie theatre after a Saturday matinee! 17 A lovely lawn with a bronze plaque lies near two pair of binoculars. 18 My, how this island has changed! You remember when you parachuted down here there was nothing but a sleepy little native village inhabited by a tribe of illiterate islanders. Now look at it: it's overgrown with hotels, resorts, casinos, and cheap tourist traps. 19 Such is the cost of progress. At least your job as Vice-President of Marketing for "Natives, Inc." has enabled you to provide a lovely home for you and your beloved wife, Kalalau.


















































































0 "Leisure Suit Larry 3: Passionate Patti in Pursuit of the Pulsating Pectorals!"

Designed by Al Lowe

Programmed by Al Lowe and Carlos Escobar

Graphics by William Skirvin and Roger Hardy 1 Sierra's Creative Interpreter by Jeff Stephenson, Bob Heitman, Pablo Ghenis, and Stuart Goldstein

Music Composed and Performed by Mike Dana Sound Effects by Rob Atesalp Atari ST Translation by Corey Cole Amiga Translation by Robert Lindsley

Quality Assurance led by Robin Bradley

Version %s January 27, 1990

2 %s 3 How could you play at the "%s Level" for %d hour%s, %d minute%s and %d second%s and only score %d point%s?! 4 You've been playing this game at the "%s Level" for %d minute%s and %d second%s and you've only scored %d point%s?! 5 You've been playing this game at the "%s Level" for %d minute%s and %d second%s and you haven't scored a single point? 6 DURING THE GAME: Click at the top of the screen or press ESC to use the menus. Additional shortcuts are shown there.

IN TYPING WINDOWS: Arrows, Home and End move the cursor, or click anywhere with the mouse. Ctrl-C clears the line.

IN DIALOG WINDOWS: Enter selects the outlined item, or click on items with the mouse. Tab and Shift-Tab move between choices. ESC always cancels. 7 If you really need help, pick up a copy of the "Passionate Patti" hint book at your software dealer. 8 Sorry, but you can not save your game at this time. Please try again later. 9 Are you serious? You want to start all the way back at the beginning again? 10 Quit? Now? When you're doing so well? Why, you're almost up to %d points! 11 So what am I supposed to do, just stand here while you do something else? Oh, all right. I'll just hold my breath until you return...

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