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Larry's Big Score
Larry's Big Score: Pinball was a pinball game based on Leisure Suit Larry 5. It was originally released as part of the Take A Break! Pinball for Windows. It was later released stand alone with one of the Leisure Suit Larry collections.


Larry's Big Score Super JackpotEdit

Earn the playfield's Super Jackpot, Make it With Passionate Patti: Get Big and Strong, Knock Out the Mafia, Amass Class, Sow Some Oats, Light Patti's Fire, and Travel to An Intimate Hide-Away.

Get Big and StrongEdit

Place ball in B I G lanes. Hit six Board Room Yes Men Targets. Awards 300,000 points.

Knock Out the MafiaEdit

Hit Mr. Big Head Target four times while lit. Scores 1,000,000 points, adds 1,000,000 points to Super Jackpot.

Amass ClassEdit

Shoot ball up the Freeway Ramp to Amass Class five times. Scores 1,000,000 points, adds 1,000,000 points to Super Jackpot, activates bonus features such as Side Exit Lane Kickouts and Instant Millions.

Sow Some OatsEdit

Place ball in Sow Some Oats Trap Hole. Place ball in Slot Machine Trap Hole. Accumulate enough money to impress Babes. Scores 1,000,000 points, places 1,000,000 points in Super Jackpot, begins MULTI-BALL.

Light Patti's FireEdit

Hit L U V Targets. Hit Sax, Spies and Videotape Target 3 times. Hit Patti's lit bumpers 10 times. Scores 1,000,000 points, adds 1,000,000 points to Super Jackpot.

Travel to an Intimate Hide-AwayEdit

Shoot ball into Hide-Away Hole 10 times. Scores Super Jackpot.


Keeps a tally of the accumulation of Super Jackpot points.

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