Lefty's Too is the local franchise of Lefty's in the city of Walnut Log, next to the Spartacus gay bar and across the street fromm the In-Out Inn..


Lefty's Too is part of a worldwide franchise. The original Lefty's is in Lost Wages. The houseband at the pub is Foolz for the City, said to be boogie rock at its finest.

Since settling down in Walnut Log, the original lounge swinger Larry Laffer is known to frequent this place. The punk Nigel may have followed him from Lost Wages.

The establishment is run by Don Dokken a former graduate, member of DIO fraternity.

It is popular with the local factory workers of Schwanzstücker Adult Toy Factory.

A gloryhole in the bathroom opens up into the bathrooms of gay bar next door.


  • Dwight
  • Walt
  • Weissenstein
  • "Uncle Larry" Laffer

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