Mama Laffer's cooking was bad and Larry hated it. She had a habit of losing bobby pins in the gravy which apparently nearly choked Larry a few times[1]

She kicked Larry out of his house when he was 38. She went on to live at a retirement community in Florida. She would later try to hit her son up for a loan after he started working for Sierra[2]

Reloaded UniverseEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

Larry's mother has a voiceover during one of the narrations in LSL: Reloaded. Quite a bit of the Narrative in LSLR makes reference to Larry's mother and his life living with her.

A few of the jokes suggest that Larry's and estranged father was Al Lowe, however as they are about the same age, this is unlikely (without time travel involved in some sort). No one has verified if he ever got with Mrs. Laffer.

Her actual husband maybe Lawrence.


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