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Passionate Patti (aka Patty) is a reoccuring female character in the LSL series, and secondary playable character in two games. She is essentially the female version of Larry Laffer, and treated as his true love in the middle games of the series.


She was originally born in Petaluma. She has fond memories growing up on the plains of Mora, Minnesota. She has played professionally ever since she was thirteen. Her parents are Carl and Edie, her brothers are Peter and Dick.

She was an alumni of the Eta Omicron Zeta sorority at Walnut Grove Community College in 1986-87.

She is a brunette, but appeared as a blonde going by the nickname of Polyester Patty playing the piano in Dr. Nonookee's base when Larry first encountered her (this appears to have been a disguise).

Passionate Patti was involved with LSL4 and helped create the score for the game. She did not suffer from amnesia like Larry did, and can remember the treachery committed by Julius Bigg against them.

Larry's infidelity during this period caused her to break up with him (even she may have been cheating on him at the time as well), she kicked him out of their home at Bass Lake. He moved into a private apartment condo, and continued to work for Sierra. She moved east to Washington D.C., but apparently still owned the cabin (ultimately Larry was fired after he lost the master discs for LSL4, and he moved to L.A.).

By the time of LSL5 she is apparently under 40 (she hasn't yet met her dream of becoming a millionaire by then).

Following Larry 5, after staying at Camp David, Patti and Larry returned to their home in the cabin above Bass Lake where they continued to live together (though Larry was caught trying to pick up chicks at bars all the time).[1]

Larry and Patti regained their jobs at Sierra (well mainly Larry did), while Patti spent most of her time back home waiting for Larry to return from his job. They were happy again, and Larry hoped not to upset her again.

She did some work in the The Laffer Utilities In 1992 and is shown involved in many activities with Larry.

She also appears in Larry's Big Score: Pinball, and is mentioned in Hoyle I.

She does not appear in the later games, they were still living together at least until after LSL7 (when Larry was started working on the game version). She also took part in the production of the Larry 6's Girls Calendar for 1994 (but didn't take part in the adaptation in any capacity since Al Lowe wasn't offering to pay her enough), where she poses in highres by the piano in what appears to be some high condo or mansion. It is said following an interview with the ladies at La Costa Lotta, that while no ladies wanted to remain with Larry for long, Patti was an exception, she saw something in Larry that others didn't,[2]suggesting that they were still a thing even after LSL6-7. She always expected Larry to return promptly each day after work so they enjoy their romance together.

During this period she runs her own sex line called Passionate Patti's Touch-Tone Ecstasy Line.

Larry's nephew Larry Lovage would see a picture of Patti at her alma mater Walnut Grove Community College, and his uncle was in town pining for her as well (as they had broken up again in later years).

Personality and traits Edit

Titles and nicknames Edit

  • Passionate Patti
  • Polyester Patty
  • Patty


  • LSL2
  • LSL3
  • LSL4 (presumed)
  • LSL5
  • Take-A-Break Pinball
  • The Laffer Utilities
  • Hoyle 3
  • LarryLand
  • LSL6 Calendar
  • LSL6 (mentioned)
  • The Official Book of Leisure Suit Larry (3rd edition covers the periods between LSL5 to the development of LSL7)\
  • LSL8MCL (only references to her)

Behind the scenesEdit

Lsl2 109-1920x1080

First appearing in LSL2, as Polyester Patty, she is a piano player and internationally renowned recording artist and queen of the women's singles scene. You learn from the game that she will return for "Leisure Suit Larry III".

Polyester Patty was modified to become Passionate Patti in future games in the series. The name "Patty" for Patti also appears in Hoyle I, and Take A Break: Pinball, and Police Quest II.

Patty goes from being a blonde to a brunette.

Patti is mentioned in the VGA remake of LSL1. Larry wonders if Patti knows that Al Lowe and Bill Skirvin are hanging around again.

Out of the female characters Patti appears to be both Larry's true love, and Patti mutually believes Larry to be her true love as well, as opposed to Larry misinterpreting a one night stand as love, or destroying his marriage as he did with Kalalau (or at least finding it hard to please her, and keeping the marriage exciting), or looking for love in all the wrong places (with other more minor encounters with Barbara Bimbo and others). Shamara tricked him into believing there was connection between them (but she was more interested in killing him and taking the insurance money), and Captain Thygh was purely a one night stand. Jenna Ann-J is the only other character to be treated as becoming close and truly falling in love with Larry (although Larry may not have truly loved her back, although he was certainly sexually attracted to her).

Paintings of Patti may appear in LSL9BOB in Larry's Penthouse near an image of Captain Thygh.

Patti also mentioned in Hoyle 3 as "Patty".


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