6-6 Shablee

Shablee is a dark-skinned makeup artist who is working at La Costa Lotta. She actually is a man.


Larry meets her there, wins an all-expenses paid trip there in Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up or Slip Out!

She is one of the characters whom Larry must seduce in order to win the heart of Shamara Payne.

Unbeknownst to Larry, Shablee is actually a transvestite (she is a he, and is in fact a man, and that is why "he" knows what a 'man' really wants). Once Larry realizes she is actually a man (when Shab puts on his condom), Larry starts to spit and gag due to their kissing. While he preoccupied and vomiting, Shab comes up behind him and makes him his bitch (Larry screams). The next morning he takes the warm remnants of Chablee's champagne, decides its ok to take it as he had "EARNED this".


Behind the scenesEdit

Shablee is listed as one of Larry's "Girls", however the gag is that she turns out to actually be a 'man'.

The official hintbook also hints on the fact that Shablee is actually a man, and also jokes that possibly Larry is possibly 'bisexual' and possibly 'enjoyed it':

Learn the truth about Shablee (and possibly yourself?).

If that didn't spell it out, here is how s/he is described in the design documents:

"Shablee is our perky little black transvestite spa guest. Beautiful babe, good dresser, nice make-up, hair. She "hangs out" in the Make-Up Classroom, trying to powder over her beard, although no one will ever suspect this from her picture...When you give it to her, she discretely turns away to put it on "herself."[1]

From the Official Book of Leisure Suit Larry we have:

"Yeah, and you're gonna learn she's no lady! That was a dirty trick you played on me, Al."
Was it? Heh, heh. No harm done, just a little shock, Lar. So you wake up in your room the next day.

So anyone who has interpretered the character as a 'strong-willed transgender, 'transwoman' (and that Larry gets his due for being 'transphobic'), has been wrong [2][3][4][5]. It is a stereotype and satire of the transvestite character from The Crying Game. Shablee is as actually a gay rapist (it is not known if he is a bisexual). Larry is the victim in this scene, not Shablee.

Nor should Larry be considered transphobic or homophobic for not wanting to sleep with transgendered or gay person (despite the viewpoint of some radical extremist feminists and LGBTQ activists[6][7][8][9][10][11]) Sexuality is a very personal thing, and no one should be 'forced' into committing to do anything that feels uncomfortable to them, that is emotional blackmail and coercion, it is rape. Larry may be a misogynist, there is no indication that he is transphobic or homophobic in the series. He is just not able to 'change' his sexuality (except for one instance played as another joke and game over in LSL6 with Gary Fairy).

Shablee appears to be what some modern LGBTQ might call a 'transvestite fetishist' as a male who gets pleasure off of wearing women's clothing. When you first meet Shablee "she" is wearing more or less unisex workout clothes, and as some of the guides point out more covered up (wearing more clothes) than most of the other 'female' characters (but dreams of having a fancy women's dress), which foreshadows his sexual fetish.


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