Shorty the Flasher was an old guy wearing a trenchcoat by the wedding chapel.


Larry greeted the stranger in the coat. The man asked him to come over to him. As Larry got closer, the man flashed him. The man obviously didn't have much to hide. Larry had better things to do than to mess around with the pervert. Larry wondered if his name was Shorty. He is impotent.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

In LSL1EGA the Flasher is one person, in later remakes it is two midgets; Flashers. Larry wondered if his name was "Shorty" perhaps for having such a short penis (or someone Larry once knew). The LSL Hintbook refers to this character as the Flasher.

In the VGA remake Larry wonders if either of the two midgets is named Shorty (the comedian doesn't know it is really two guys).

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